4 X 100 Life Vignettes By Shevya Panda

Apr 22 2018 4.00

4 X 100 Life Vignettes


  1. Painting

Shadows from my memory dance around the room as a thousand hues fill up my palate and my mind. Bright reds and serene blues are dispersed throughout the pearly, hatched canvas. A soft, thin brush dips into my emotions, and glides across my imagination. The vivid colors come to life, expressing my every strength and weakness. As I hang my finished piece, I gaze upon what looks like mindless nonsense to most, but is a fragment of my memory, and a sliver of my personality. It is a slice of my deepest thoughts, poured onto the blank and pearly canvas.


2. Stronger

            Stronger, from the laughing and rumours, like bricks strung on my neck, weighing me down. From the fear burning me since the start of the dark ages. From the desperation to acquire more knowledge about the dynamic earth we all call home. From the pain and panic I felt, as the cloth of my innocence slowly ripped. From the thankful tears marking my cheek like the dew drops on grass, as my dread tumbled down the stairs. From the illness, cursed upon my sister, leaving her hospitalized the day she turned one. All these boulders crushed my heart, but from the rubble, I grew stronger.


3. Guitar

            My fingers press against the cold, rough strings as the shining instrument balances on my lap like an acrobat on a rope. The smooth wood hugs my legs as I grab my pick and strum a chord. The strings pull down one by one, flowing continuously, like ripples in a pond. And the beautiful acoustic sound blesses my ear as it resonates throughout the room. The silent pain hits me as the sound begins to soften, and once again I strum. Each beautiful chords fits into the music as a puzzle piece would. Slowly I play, and turn a wooden guitar to a musicians diamond.


4. Downtown

            A single stream of sunlight showers upon the midnight city below, highlighting the shining buildings that tower above us. Muddy footprints imprinting stories along the long black road as a tall man is showered with money after bowing a beautiful melody. My friends and I walk down a long Seattle pavement as the sun starts to set. The warm aroma of dinner fills the salty air by the Fish Market. Cool breezes sweep away my thoughts as I look up to see the silver moon smiling down at us. Just a simple day in Downtown Seattle, can create a lifetime of lasting memories.


Shevya Panda

Age 14

Centreville VA, USA