A Move By Dr R P Singh

Dec 28 2018 4.00



Years I spent on my terrace

gilded, glittering and full bloom

with a shade to catch

from the far off view.


Communication and response

longing for the efflorescent charm

nothing dearer than that glance

that I often cherished perchance .


A gloomy fall of extra longer  day

no mention, neither any possible ray

glittering there across the charm

the gut has many conjectures to lay.


I left the terrace, moved across,

a new sphere  quite different

some wooden built , thatched with parched up grass

avenues to write a script new.


Zest, of course there, and the romance

but for a script new.


About the Author


Dr. R. P. Singh is a Professor of English at the Department of English and Modern European Languages, University of Lucknow. Besides his academic researches published in acknowledged volumes, journals, and encyclopedias, professor Singh is an award winning playwright and poet. His plays: Flea Market and Other Plays (2014), Ecologue (2014), When Brancho Flies(2014), Shakespeare ki Saat Ratein (2015), and Antardwand (2016) have received critical acclaim, and wide popularity. Banjaran: The Muse (2008), Cloud, Moon and a Little Girl (2017),  Pathik and Pravah (2016), Neeli Aankhon Wali Ladki (2017), and Adventures of Funny and Bana (2018) represent his poetry. He is a recipient of Mohan Rakesh Puraskar (2016), S. M. Sinha Smiriti Award (2017), and  Bhartendu Harischandra Award (2017) for his creative writing.