A Wonderfully Horrible Day By Tim Wood

Apr 22 2018 4.00



No one was sure what kind of horribly
today was being

The news girl was sure it was a wonderfully horribly day
because sad made people think she was importantish

and the weather boy was sure it was a horribly wonderfully day

because sad things were interesting to talkish about

and I was certainly surely certainish
it was a horribly maybeish not so wonderfully day
because my drizzler was sneeziling

and my wishy washy peanut butter
was melting in the apple jelly

and the whole horribly thingy
was drowding
drowding the poor bread sun thiggey

And horribly worstest of all...

I'd knockered my milk over
on the glassish table
and it was a horribly bigish messy
and the messy was spreadingly terribly horribly

and I was snizzling again
and the weather boy had gone-ish
and the talking people were certainly some thingey
something strangely and not so wonderfully
coming this way
and they were talky
and argue-ey
oh surely, they were not wonderfully
and maybe they were horribly
I think cause they node when I'm snizzling

it was surely
an absolutely certainly wonderfully horribly thingy
of a day




About the Author


Tim Wood has had poetry, fiction, profiles, interviews, reviews and articles published in various places. He serves as an editor for GrandViaduct press and was previously publisher of artsDFW: the monthly guide to the arts in Dallas, edited Negations: an Interdisciplinary Journal of Social Criticism and has been cited in The Facts on File Companion to 20th-Century American Poetry. He currently lives and works in the United States in Idaho.