ASIFA - A Tearful Tribute By Veena Regidi

Apr 29 2018 4.00


“Chubby cheeks, dimple chin, Rosy lips, teeth within
Silky hair, very fair; Eyes are brown, lovely too
Mother’s pet, is that you?
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Asifa dear, where are you?
In the fairy land - over the hills and far away?
Or among the clouds, in the eastern horizon? A shining star in the night sky?
Vulnerable, innocent, teeny and tiny were you
Ghastly, ruthless, nasty, and massive were they
Looming large on you, their prey
What a shame, how inhumane!
Heartful, cute and bubbly were you
Heartless, brute and horrid were they
One you were, many were they
Eight-year-old were you, eight strong men were they
Benevolent were you, malevolent were they
Heart winces in pain, eyes cry in vain, blood curdles in the vein,
Even to think of the pain, that u went through, dear little Asifa.
Appalling, gruesome, heinous and horrific…
Born in the beautiful place Kathua, Jammu n Kashmir - a heaven on earth,
For a noble cause must have been your birth,
Confined, tortured, raped and murdered
Even to imagine, the heart shuddered
Strangled, strangulated, hit on the head by a stone
Sinners, miscreants, and felons, their sins they must atone
You -put to death by the agonizing filth
Sad, they killed your mirth; sent you back to the bosom of mother earth
You bloomed like a rose, adorable, amazing and angelic.

They throttled you - brutal, bestial and barbaric
Just eight years…oh! Just eight years, you could have lived 100 glorious years
A beautiful bud, you - crushed under their wild lust.
A budding flower - nipped in the bud.
Alive no more, the mental and physical agony to bear- profound and long,
The scars deep, the picture you couldn’t paint,
The grotesque nightmare, you couldn’t narrate
The voice unheard in that land of tears - that secret place, quiet and quaint…
the sobs silenced by the carnal hounds.
In a world where cold-heartedness abounds.
disharmony in the harmony of the temple chimes,
silenced you, to a mime
died an untimely death - your innocence pristine, by the ghastly crime.
As temples turn tyrannical, and humans turn cannibal
Abduction, sedation, rape, strangulation and murder
the devils should be slain, put to massive shame, totally defamed
Heart goes out to you, the country bows down to you,
A bud yet to bloom, a crescent half-moon, you left the nation in a pall of gloom
This story to end very soon, these endless tales of gory and sin
In a land where the female is worshipped and kids considered gifts of God
To see such a strategic crime, is morbidity, hard to face
As happy as a lark, you danced in the fields, taking horses to graze
Kidnapped - entrapped in the clutches of humans with the inhuman touch
- a mysterious maze,
You - confused and dazed, the beasts - savage and unfazed
Killed the little child in you, killed the purity; the chastity,
Gone - you are gone forever, ne’er to come back to your father dear!
Your life now publicized; your death stands politicized,
the crusade - glorified; the vendetta - religiously polarized.
None can bring you back, sweetheart,
You left the world with a bleeding heart.
You left us in darkness with a cry so deep; a note so sad, in a world so bad
We cry for you, the world cries for you, in vain, in utter disdain
High time men, this is not fun, a gory crime, an abominable sin
These specious 'victims' wallowing in violence
These guileless perverts - demonic, detestable, despicable and contemptible
To pay for the spurious grievances

meet their death - in a much horrific way…
for a crime, a sin - immodest, outrageous, unpardonable,
for your pain - unendurable, intolerable and insufferable!



About the Author

VEENA REGIDI is an enthusiastic professional with high creative ability, a Masters in English Language and Literature and Human Resource Management, holds over 20 years of diversified experience in administrative and academic arenas - a self-motivated, innovative, resourceful, organized, and responsible person with attention to detail and demonstrative ability in generating ideas. She is an English Editor now works as an English language and management faculty. An English Editor, a trainer, a blogger, a poet and an academician, has trained more than 150 experts, 500 plus graduates and undergraduates, audited 30,000 solutions, proofread 1500 write-ups, written 20 blogs and 50 articles, and 4 projects. Fluent in English, Hindi and Telugu, she has independently undertaken few project works, and has written numerous blogs for the company’s promotion. She writes articles and poems.