Colors of Universe By Rajan Mehra

Apr 30 2018 4.00


Rainbow of nations

are worldly possessions,

They're human creations,

Endeavour of God's abbreviations,

Freelancing for exclusive diversions,

Unity and diversity with perfections

Diversity and creativity without rigidity,

Accepting everyone's dignity,

It creates a platform of magnanimity,

Language of expression and function,

Hands of empathy and sympathy,

Soul brotherhood and sisterhood

  in streets and sidewalks in humanitarianism,

Values and principles to unite and collaborate to promote peace and eradicate leech,


 We all are creators of one Lord,

 Share a soul love,

 Traditional culture and history differentiate us;

 but English helps in communication,

 and raising hands for relationship,

Sustainability and growth happens

when innovative ideas and techniques are processed

in vessels of love and clove,

Joint ventures and agreements are signed to bind,

and raise the logo of being kind,

What a wonderful bridge to remain rich!


 About the Author

Rajan Mehra, by profession, is a Center- Head of a law preparing institute, by the name of Universal Institute of Legal Studies, New Delhi. By passion, he's a poet, writer, counselor and a motivational speaker. He has published five books, and his poems feature in national and international anthology books. He has been awarded many certificates and cups as a token of love and appreciation. He loves sports and music. In the weekend, he loves to spend quality time with his family and friends.