DOPPELGANGER By Rainy Sarmistha

Jul 08 2018 4.00


Doppelganger she is called by an illusionist.

It was a tale of a stormy night.

She paused and started telling her story.

It was starting to rain

The night falls for its silent prey

A knock at the door startled her instantly,

She opened the door with unknown fear.

A fragment of wind crushed her cheek.

She falls asleep and the dream chased her.

The sound of rain made her wake,

And she found a new she had been created.

She found herself in a dormant state.

The other side of her intense desire has created a replica

And the intensity was so strong that it appears to be real--

But it is not real!

A doppelganger dwells in every human.

Dark and light, real and false.

Oh, it’s just an illusion.

The secret is to live beyond the horizon of dreams.

Experience the new you without any fear



About the Author

Rainy Sarmistha is an hotelier by profession who started her career, working as a hotel professional with Hyatt Regency, New Delhi. Her liking for books and her quest for knowledge had always inspired her to become a writer. She loves penning down her thoughts by means of poetry. Her heartfelt and touching poems hold in-depth feelings, for which she has been applauded many a times and have featured in many publications and magazines like Poetry Planet, Amaravati Poetic Prism, (International Publication), Healing Planet and many. She took to writing articles as content writer on numerous domains and health and fitness is one such domain that has been her liking since the beginning.