Drinking the False Water By Dr Sudhansu Dash

Jul 29 2018 4.00


He is sitting in the desert

Hiding the false water

For the thirsty traveler going to the horizon

The dry moon in its empty stomach

Reflected on the empty oasis

Looking at the traveler

Spent many forgotten years

In the mirage of water falls

To drink the false water

In the hard earned  heaven.

Answers are not the solutions

 Coming from the uncertainties of faith

Having a soundless sleep

 On the stony  water.

Many sweet lies

Seem somewhat more than true.

Another ‘Me’ within me

Is but the shadow of the second self.

He is neither holy nor wise

Just an ordinary being

To leave nothing behind

The bridge flows, not the water.

The moon brightens over the ocean

Found in every wave

Looking for skeleton of another unknown moon.

The moon light enters into the abyss of the pool

Leaves no trace in the water.

The broken skulls awake in the dream

To seek themselves in another man

Understanding in another way.


They learn the self in forgetting the self

To be one with the endless dimension.



About the Author


Dr Sudhansu Dash, an International Indo-Anglican Poet, has been working as Lecturer in English in Shreedhara Swamy College of Education and Technology of Dhenkanal District of Odisha since 1992 till date is awarded Ph.D. Degree from Utkal University of Culture Odisha, Bhubaneswar in 2011. Dr Dash has bagged the award if being one of the Top 100 International English Poet in 2014 for his poem ‘Autobiography of a Human’ by Poetry First Publishing International, Canada, published in the 2015 Poet’s Showcase and Year Book. His other poems ‘The White Cloud’ bags the award of being one of the Top 100 International English Poets of 2015 published in ‘A collection of the Best Original poems 2015. His Poetry Anthologies namely ‘The Stories of the Insider”  ‘A flying Without Wings’, ’Painting the Silence’, Behind the Shadow’ Returning to Carbon’ ‘The Unopened Window’, 'It is She’ ‘The Broken Sky’ and ‘The Secret Design’ have International Publications in the United States. He has published 23 Research Papers on teaching of language ant Linguistics in reputed national and International journals of United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden and India. His articles namely “On living Without God, No Child is Born with a mind, Defamiliarising the Reality, Is self Confidence not a Self-Deception, The Authentic man, The Beauty of not Knowing, The Fear of intimacy on "social criticism, metaphysics and   many more  published in ArticleBase.com, New York, shortly going to be published as ‘The Deconstructed Center”. Dr Dash is awarded international Elite Writer’s award by poetry first Published in International for his significant contribution to the world of English poetry.