Fight Inequality Beat Poverty By Rajan Mehra

Apr 30 2018 4.00


Poverty is not life membership; but divinity is permanent residence,

Fight for the right to keep world tight and might,

Inequality is muzzy and delusion in splendorous life and fife,

Chiselled path of righteous approach and discourse,

Sordid people perch and disperse fangs and ranks of discrimination and abuse,

Caress froth of love garners showers of flowing nectar of joy,

Envious and venomous strikes tempestuous and vociferous,

Enslaving and desolation smacks and whacks,

Be a promiscuous personality to create an equality and unity in diversity!



About the Author

Rajan Mehra, by profession, is a Center- Head of a law preparing institute, by the name of Universal Institute of Legal Studies, New Delhi. By passion, he's a poet, writer, counselor and a motivational speaker. He has published five books, and his poems feature in national and international anthology books. He has been awarded many certificates and cups as a token of love and appreciation. He loves sports and music. In the weekend; he loves to spend quality time with his family and friends.