Genius By Habil Yashar

Apr 29 2018 4.00



Genius!..Being genius is one of the biggest wishes of each person. Surely, all the people have dreamt about that at least once time in his life. Of course, it isn’t just a desire for the people. Even the people, who take this honorable name, know well about its responsibility. As they were chosen inside of millions, geniuses are responsible for being a simple to those people. As they be born once a century, it is also difficult for them to live in the world. They are an extraordinary people that take the responsibility not only a family, but also the whole country, world. They become a mirror of their society. This extraordinary mission differs them from the others. They didn’t get this name in the life, the feature of being genius appears up the moment they are and it becomes a mission of their life.

If you want to be a genius, you must work hard in order to get this name. Indeed, you mustn’t work only, but also you must struggle up to the moment that it follows you. You have to think about your perfect work like a drop in the sea. By this way you will get a chance to improve yourself. So you can do something better and more perfect for the mankind. Otherwise, you will be drown under the shade of feeling of fame and you will step back day by day. This step will make you further from this “honourable name” every day.

The way that makes you genius, passes through hard work and struggle. You don’t have to forget that you are always in need for working and struggle, even if you are more talented. One more, you can reach your aim through strong will and being persistent man. If you want to be a genius, you have to struggle till the end of way and you don’t have to stop in the middle. This belief will help you to get your wish. It will encourage you to live and to create, it will also help you to show your talent, which is hidden inside of you. To step unbelievingly and to exceed for success doesn’t belong to the great people and if you want to be a great person, be persistent, decisive and courageous. When you have all these features, it is possible to step successfully. Be sure, your steps will lead you in right direct.



About the Author 


Habil Yashar, a Poet, Writer, and President retiree, has won Heydar Aliyev Prize. He has a Master degree from Rome Business University. As a young writer in the third Turkish world, he is a member of Azerbaijan Writers Union and finance chief of World Young Turkish Writers.