Going Against the Flow By Selim Boumerdas

May 01 2018 4.00


Left alone to swim on the sand

We do not cry missing

Because they were recalled by the creator

However having a thought for them

But mourn those who left us without reason

Without a goodbye without thinking of the consequences

Slamming all the doors and padlocking all exits

Take them away

Let their stings deeply planted

Our tormented souls

Pierced by an iron arrow

A poisoned head

Despite my armor and my shield

Points bound hand and I was floored and defeated

Before succumbing

Kneeling fell

I threw a bottle into the sea

In the hope of being rescued

Save me I was planted by the hand of a friend

Save me

I'm drowning in a glass

I drank the chalice to the dregs

By my naivety and my innocence

I fell in childhood

Loving with all my heart

As during my first love

Can such a warrior

I fell like a torture victim

But not down by pride

I have not abdicated

The heavy heart I will survive.


About the Author


Selim Boumerdas, 39, lives in France. He is a volunteer at the French Red Cross, as a rescuer. He is a writer and poet, in the name of love and universal peace. With graduate studies and an analytical mind, he published in French and English. He does not sell dreams but he gives hope. He's trying to bounce back to despair that each of us believes in what is right. Good exists and evil exists. So let's fight, together with the pen and ink for a better world for the generation to come.