I AM NO PALMIST By Dr. Prahallad Satapathy

Aug 26 2018 4.00


My loneliness do have a face
Beautiful indeed
A well-defined address
Do have a birthday too
I have seen it's horoscope
Imprinted in a palm, delicate of course
But the problem with me is that I am not a palmist!

I see star studded blue sky and declare myself lucky
I see beautiful eyes and declare myself lucky
The very breathe that I inhale is a bit of  luck
Pieces of bones thrown towards the dead end of the road and stray dogs compete, testing their lucks
My good luck is that I don't belong to their specie
However I do bark at night
While snatching away the sky
When I see branches of the tree never talk to one another throughout the night
And leaves fall apart
When faces in the screen of the television  simply move their lips without exchanging a word
Bed awaits for the body that never occupy even as tenant
The well shares bed with water, rippling to every nooks and corner along with the insects quite  invisible to the naked eyes
Silence pervades  everywhere from lips to leaves
From the devouring jawbone to bones
From well to water 
From bed to body
Loneliness spread its deadly wings
Life  becomes lifeless
Tongue always in the search for words
Palm the same with all its zigzag routes
I stand all alone
Without knowing which road leads to freedom and which road ends up in serfdom?

I am no palmist!!!


About the Author


Dr. Prahallad Satapathy, who happens to be a retired Associate Professor in Economics is a bilingual poet, writing both in Odia and English. So far he has four published anthologies in Odia language. His poems in English have shared space in many a national and international magazines.