I Was Dead By Abhimanyu Kumar. S

Apr 28 2018 4.00


I had my dinner and
Slept around 10 of night
After a couple hour or so
I found myself dead
Ya, I was dead
My body had become motionless
Eyes shut, hands erect
What about my dreams and aims
All gone, all shattered
Man, I was dead
What next?
Possibly burn, bury and ashes
Suddenly I heard someone shouting
Idiot wake up! it's 7 of morning
If you want to know the truth
I was sleeping.


About the Author

A writer, poet, teacher and artist on societal issues, Abhimanyu Kumar.S is a native of Rajasthan and is a multilingual. Since his childhood he has been very hardworking and sensible towards his tradition and culture. At a very young age he headed the family responsibility by being a salesman on one hand and pursued the education on the other. Most of the poems written by the author are based on his observations on society, culture and education and he has a deep routed insight into the various facets of life. The Author has experienced the life from the vantage point of poverty to the high esteem richness of life. The poetic stuff produced by the author speaks for reasoning and the depth of emotion, which intensifies the whole poetry and shapes it into metaphysical poetry. The wide range of topics on which the poet has focused, the thematic concerns covers the whole of humanity and spirit of human living. His love poems have the purity and sincerity, which are experienced by poet himself in his part of life, his love poems speaks a struggle between love and tradition. His poetry is sometimes difficult to understand, because it is filled with striking irony, satiric tone, colloquial usage, emotional depths, highly imaginative and also has signs of vulgarity. He has received several awards including ‘Guest of honor 2017’, ‘Young Bard 2016. His biography appeared in newsindiantimes.com in Jan 2017

The poet is presently working in New Horizon College, Bangalore as Assistant Professor of English.