Huworonir Horapat: Love is More Important in Married Life

Jun 24 2018 4.00

The Novel “Huworonir Horapat,” by Borsha Saikia, Reviewed by Damodar Boruah


'Huworonir Horapat', an Assamese 80 pages novel by a budding Assamese Authoress Borsha Saikia, Teacher of Furkating Junior College in the district of Golaghat Assam is the novel to be read widely in the coming days. Why? Because it displays the hidden feeling of a 21st century woman how she writes in positive note for beckoning in future. 'Reminiscing Fallen Leaf' is not the appropriate meaning the way Authoress has presented the title 'Huworonir Horapat' to the readers.

The novel is like a real life drama as readers go on turning pages without any hesitation for the Authoress sketches the life of a real Indian Woman how her 'sindoor' or vermilion is the sole responsibility towards her husband no matter whether her husband cares her and children or not.'Is money all to woman ?' says Authoress.

Eighteen years of 'Kuwoli', wife of 'Roktim' suffered lot, there was none to resort to share her feeling. Only she had aim to see her daughter 'Goongoon' to do something big that like her mother should not suffer she. Husband was busy in his own style of enjoying, drinking, gambling, who knows he might have passed moment with other woman too. Kuwoli did not feel that much however for Roktim snatched time for Goongoon in time of necessary.

No one should face such incident like Kuwoli, when Roktim met with an accident, his life changed not physically but inside his mind dramatically. He realized how Kuwoli care in his need of care, and what he had done to his Kuwoli in last years...After 18 years of marriage Kuwoli has found the real love of a man which generally not possible, even if any there, some man so selfish , they need her woman in night only... Find out more inside the novel...

The Foreword by Dr. Jyotirekha Hazarika, Associate Professor of Jagannath Boruah College, Jorhat is an inspiring to this Authoress and somehow this novel is reflection of some serial or film one enjoys in afternoon TV on fine leisure day. Lines of greats Poets like Hiren Bhattacharjee, Bireswar Boruah, Hari Borkakoti, Ismail Hussein, Anubhav Tuloshi and so on add further beauty to the novel in different moment.

I wish Authoress to come forward more with the real feeling of woman that everyone in male domain society should learn that at least man like 'Roktim' should stop all their selfishness and concentrate more on duty that every Indian Woman like 'Kuwoli' expect for.



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