Menstruating the Miasma By Dr. Alka Singh

Feb 15 2019 4.00


Lines cover the body

and signals around

perhaps the seeds to protect

or a protector to be  found.


The lust gleans its flames

again to preserve

to behave

to nourish and to sustain,

the Agnipareeksha of  desires,

and the red guards on

watching the helm

all around. 


And the muscles smitten

for sedentary alliance

they see , you know

 a pale ailing fowl.


The shining spots on the sheet

 a flag stands to expand

against the slapdash

sod in the camp the other !


Verses written on the body –


from lasting  scriptures

to the foils within the brains.


Doors get shut

a propos the rains  

here we bleed

for the gratuitous trend to feed … .


The doors closed

we scoff at – you know

not the real – the virtual bereft!              


They all whisper in unison –

We care for you – so!

We feel affection for you - so it stands.


And the partner nervous,

 desperate shaky and sunk

 deep in emotions squirms  

numb - to stand, to create

a story for the gate

banishing the red line’s firewall!

Ha – we laugh -

bleeding sisters in masquerade!



About the Author

Dr Alka Singh is an Assistant Professor of English at Dr Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University Lucknow. She has done her postdoctoral research work as a Visiting Scholar to Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris, France under Indo-French Programme of Co-operation in Social Sciences. Her areas of teaching, research and doctoral supervision are ESP, Communication Studies, Gender and Culture, Canadian Literature, English for Aviation and Language through literature. Besides her publications in reputed journals, and presentations in National and International conferences, she has published the following books; Postmodernism (2008), Gender Roles in Postmodern World (2014), Postmodernism: Texts and Contexts (2014), Issues in Canadian Literature (2016), Women Empowerment (2018), Women: Issues of Exclusion and Inclusion (2018) and Women Society and Culture (2018).

She has contributed scholarly essays to different international knowledge volumes and encyclopedias  like  Pop Culture in Asia and Oceania published from  Santa Barbara, California: ABC Clio, Ideas and Movements that Shaped America: From the Bill of Rights to "Occupy Wall Street.Vol.1 Santa Barbara, California: ABC Clio, Encyclopedia of Human Services and Diversity,  published from Thousand Oak:  SAGE Publications,  Encyclopedia of Native People of the World: Groups, Issues, and Controversies (3 vol.) published from  New York: M.E. Sharp Inc. She has worked as an academic advisor to Contemporary Literary Criticism (CLC) Series of Layman Poupard Publishing LLC Columbia, USA for writing on ‘U.R. Anantha Murthy, and to Twentieth Century Literary Criticism(TCLC) Series’ for writing on A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen. She has broadcasted many radio talks on socio-cultural issues, and published some poems in collections and journals.