My Scion By Joyashree Majumder

Mar 08 2019 4.00



Scion, it’s time to move on,

And make a stratagem of life.

Scion, I will be invisible but visible in your vision.

Scion, my beloved

I will be no more with you forever

My breath -

My soul will surpass my corporeal.

Scion, you can visualize me.

Scion, my beloved

You can hear me,

My pangs, my benison.

Wake up, you have to vigil and wrap up my dreams,

I have been vilified, whipped,

Murdered, stripped and abducted.

Scion, my beloved

I was forlorn, debilitated for lon.

But each time I looked at you –

I found a new zeal to strive and strike.

I saved a drop of blood for you.

Yet scion – I forbid to expect from you -

Only have reverence for my oblation.

Scion, life is full of tacks and flakes,

It may pierce, it may bleed.

Yet I have conviction on you

You will lead,

You will accomplish

I will be there.

Scion, my beloved scion -

You can hear my echoes eternally  .



About the Author

Joyashree Majumder is a lover of literature and a poetess an academician from East Burdwan, West Bengal. She is passionate about teaching and write poems on intricate human relationship as well as feelings. She has participated in various national seminars and her write up on An Assignment on Technological Usage in Folk Art- A Comprehensive Study- has been published on Technology, Science and Society redefining global challenges