O Mother ! : A Daughter’s Note By Meghna Roy

Feb 27 2019 4.00


O Mother! I am rendered speechless today...
The very thought of penning down the beauty of our liaison
Curbs the flight of my imagination
For you are the epitome of boundless love
Whose existence begins where my comprehension fails...
You are close enough to touch yet,
So difficult and inscrutable is the aura you possess.
Every emotion of mine chooses to cry than to speak
For you are the one who 
have taught me
To express what I feel
To write as I meditate
And to understand what I see...
Discarding the language of the literate, the lettered and the educated,
You tutored me in the language of love undefiled,
 when I came to the world untaught
How enchanting is your magnanimity,
 Too sublime to express, too profound to deconstruct.

When days are weary, let us make a separate peace
Towards the Elysium adorned with innocent, unalloyed feelings let’s march
Leaving aside every reason of sorrow and anguish
With only one peaceful  consolation in our hearts that,
I will love you beyond love
And you will love me beyond your living.


About the Author
Meghna Roy is a commendable writer and scholar in the field of English Literature. She is a former Guest Lecturer at A.C College of Commerce, Jalpaiguri. At present, she is working at Siliguri College, West Bengal. She obtained her M.A degree in English Literature from University of North Bengal. Simultaneously, the Bachelors degree in Education has lent versatility to her academic knowledge and experience. While she was pursuing B. Ed she qualified  NET as well. She is an aspirant who believes that sky is the only limit.