Penelope Unwinds By Patty Dickson Piezcka

Jun 13 2018 4.00




Each night the sun disintegrates

as roses drip their blood

back into the earth.


Pillars that held the day

crumble to silt. Moths flutter

through her loom.


What good is one thread

without another

intertwined around it?


While her man lives the flame

of emerald imaginings,

ash settles on her hair


and falls to the sundial.

The lyre unplays its mournful tune

in rhythm with the sound


of her shadow unraveling.

This is time's way of devouring

itself from the inside.



About The Author


Patty Dickson Pieczka's second book, Painting the Egret's Echo, won the Library of Poetry Book Award from Bitter Oleander Press. Other books are Lacing Through Time, Word Paintings and a novel, Finding the Raven. Winner of the ISPS, Francis Locke Memorial, and Maria Faust Sonnet Contests, she graduated from Southern Illinois University and has had writing contributions in more than 50 journals. Visit her website at