Jul 29 2018 4.00


We were ever the truest of friends

Eating crumbs from my mother hearth

Together we fended off foes and fiends

On our necks we hung each other's heart


Then I was elevated by destiny

Suddenly I want drunk by the new clout

I now belonged to an elitist family

I was enjoying my fame above the cloud


New friends with praise songs sprouted

They crowded me and did my bidding

Their sugarcoated tongues sweetly sounded

What my itchy ears loved listening


My friend became an obscurista

A mete shadow hardly seen or heard

I cut off the umblical cord simliciter

His voice stretched but stayed unheard


The trappings of power was like wine

It intoxicated me and turned me not an ogre

It was vile a thing to do, it wasn't fine

But I reveled in it with an attitude and vigour


In my arrogance, I forgot my values

I basked in avaricious thrills

Whimsically, I chose a negative muse

I was a celeb enjoying new grills


But good things never last

The carpet was pulled from under my feet

I fell on my buttom do fast

I was too shocked to get up on my feet


The new friends scattered

Like husks before the wind

My ego was badly battered

No one to massage or sing


I never had a chance for a swan song

I was too ashamed to return to my real friend

While I was power drunk,

I was wrong I didn't know

I'd become a thoughtless fiend



I lay, a hitherto stalwart, shriveled, alone

My once loyal friend had long gone

Moved on while vultures danced attendance to me

Clutched by the pangs of death,

I longed to be free


And freedom did come

At my funeral, came some

To grovel and few to shake their heads

I wished time could give me more days


Days to become a better friend

Days to do right from one end

To the remote other

And be happy forever.




About the Author


William Warigon is a Legal Practitioner, human rights activist, novelist, musician and Poet. Born in Numan as an eight child in a family of nine, from Adamawa State in Nigeria; he loves writing, reading, music, discussing topical issues, gardening and traveling. He is an indefatigable defender of fundamental rights and an astute business man. He lives by the mantra: “Live and let live."