Presence of My Absence By Habil Yashar

Apr 29 2018 4.00



I kept silence and even much more as I could …I kept silence, because I thought such is recommended. The weeks replaced months, months replaced years one by one , and the time passed so quickly like a sudden burn of leaf. My silence was a sign of “existence” of my absence, but not my absence. Because I existed even in my absence and this existent couldn’t be seen in optical. I found myself happy, because I invented my availability. I was happy as I would stick in the minds even in my absence.

I kept silence, but I never forgot my endless love to live and to create. I always tried to do something new, to create for the people. Whatever I did, I thought it isn’t enough , and so I did much more by keeping my silence. To live your life in the manner of simple is better. I found my availability in this simplicity. I know this presence will free me from perpetual futility. Tomorrow there will not be a distance between my absence and presence in the world, because I will exist even in my absence.



About the Author 


Habil Yashar, a Poet, Writer, and President retiree, has won Heydar Aliyev Prize. He has a Master degree from Rome Business University. As a young writer in the third Turkish world, he is a member of Azerbaijan Writers Union and finance chief of World Young Turkish Writers.