Sunshine Concealed By Dr. Ujjwala Kakarla

Apr 29 2018 4.00


Rudimentary floret of insight,
Insight, the tight bud in state
of dormant,
Dormant shoot bedewing in dew drops
of morning dawn,
Dawn, the early delight unfurled its
petals of values,
values blossomed into a fragrant
flower of self,
Self in sparkle of its opulent beauty
Infinite astral rays refreshing the self
in eternal sunshine concealed!



Author’s Profile


Dr. Ujjwala Kakarla is by occupation a Professor of English, literally a Poet and Writer, poetic reviewer, by ideology a spiritual activist, by choice a passionate researcher in Aesthetics and Indo-Anglian Poetry, and moreover a trainer in soft skills and personality development.  She also served as a web consultant freelancer for Bodh Bridge Educational Services, IIT Chennai.


She authored five books - three anthologies of Poetry viz., Lyrical Whispers of Self, Musical Marvels of Self, and In Within.  Her book of research includes a comparative study of Indian and Western Aesthetics in Sri Aurobindo’s Criticism. Her current book Heart to Pen is an anthology of anecdotes and parables published by Partridge Publishing House, USA, a partner of Penguin Random House. She has been one of the authors for the Oops, a book of short stories. Her poetic reviews have been published in the book, Saudade.


She has published numerous research papers widely in refereed research journals of national and international repute. She authored a few of her articles for Infinithoughts, a holistic magazine. Her poems have been published in Tuck Magazine, Socially conscious journal, UK.

She could be reached at