Sweetheart By Rajan Mehra

Apr 30 2018 4.00


My love has tons of richness

You won't leech and welter in saunter phase...

I have always walked into the territory of love and joy

Let's celebrate our anniversary in clove and amorous

Baby, "I'll hit drums and bass guitar to sing and

swing in stage with holding you in my arms

Graciously, flip my book of marooned destiny to

 blossom hill of grandiloquence

Your eyes are looking for me

Your splendorous is perching us to have a blissful evening

I can find fervor in your realm of love

Moments are meant to be cherished...


About the Author

Rajan Mehra, by profession, is a Center- Head of a law preparing institute, by the name of Universal Institute of Legal Studies, New Delhi. By passion, he's a poet, writer, counselor and a motivational speaker. He has published five books, and his poems feature in national and international anthology books. He has been awarded many certificates and cups as a token of love and appreciation. He loves sports and music. In the weekend, he loves to spend quality time with his family and friends.