The End of the World By Selim Boumerdas

May 01 2018 4.00



I am whoever, whatever

My name is nobody

In short I myself am a talented beast of consciousness,

With my defects and my qualities

Beast docile and disciplined I bow and carry me to us and Customs,

No matter my ideals and visions

I am a drop of water in an ocean

But at least I have principles

I have a free will

Without owing anything to anyone

I have my eyes

I hide to cry

Passing the verb before the action

To survive in this jungle

Fortunately, God hears the wishes of pious people

Or otherwise we would the world

Greed, avarice and indifference

Have become our daily batches

Leading us to ruin and disaster

Already we have one foot in the precipice

Moreover with looting,


Weapons of mass destruction

Nuclear tests


Scraping the seabed

The way things are going or

She could no longer satisfy us and meet our insatiable needs

So let's be good to each other and we accept

To aspire to live in harmony at least the time we have left to live

On this Foodland

Before the destruction and annihilation of our species

By wars, invasions and genocides

The most distressing are those innocent who fall under the bullets

Often a complete purification

On behalf of world peace

Finally I understand the lifestyle of some people

Preferring to live in harmony with Mother Nature

Those who have managed to evade civilization.


About the Author


Selim Boumerdas, 39, lives in France. He is a volunteer at the French Red Cross, as a rescuer. He is a writer and poet, in the name of love and universal peace. With graduate studies and an analytical mind, he published in French and English. He does not sell dreams but he gives hope. He's trying to bounce back to despair that each of us believes in what is right. Good exists and evil exists. So let's fight, together with the pen and ink for a better world for the generation to come.