THE INDIAN WOMAN: Original Odia Poem ଭାରତ-ରମଣୀ by Smt. Kuntala Kumari Sabat Translated into English by Sulekha Samantaray

Jul 19 2018 4.00


I am the Indian Woman 

My birth is purposeful,

I am the Indian Woman 

My life is successful. 

I will enthral the whole world 

With my virtues like sacrifice and tolerance. 


Worship of womankind,

Reverence to womanhood.

By providential rites I am supreme

Achieving highest place as wife and mother;

I am Savitri, Sarala, and Jayalaxmi.


My inclination is not cessation. 

My life is woven with peace and austerity

I am the incarnation of religion 

With my robe of widowhood 

And the fire of creation.


By just one glance of the world 

self-competence will arise in the body of man.

I am the primitive potency 

I am the devotional prayer 

I am also the path of ultimate salvation. 



About the Author


Sulekha Samantaray, retired reader in English, Prananath Autonomous College, Khordha, has published six books including one anthology of English poems "Melting Moments." She has published about 400 articles (poems, stories, essays, translations, etc. both in Odia & English) in various journals/magazines. She has received many awards from various literary institutions including "Kalinga Book Fair Award" in 2017 for children's novel.