The Son Abroad By Anuradha Bhattacharyya

Mar 08 2019 4.00



You had fretted and fetched

A world of comforts

For me when I was a child.


Now that I tower

Above you in height,

Do I hide my stature

Inside a dummy Donald

Amusing children in a park

For a dollar an hour abroad.


You may squirm at the thought

That you had brought me up

With love and care

And sowed dreams of a bungalow

In my sleepy head.

While here I sell dreams

Of a different kind,

Housed in a model duck,

Chasing and being chased

By an amused crowd,

Earning a living for you and me.


Hope this irregularity

Will not shock you out of love,

The regard you hold for my sincerity.

Hope I have not perforated

Your crystal ball

By this banal truth of materiality.


About the Author

Dr. Anuradha Bhattacharyya is author of three books of poetry, two novels, two academic books, over 100 poems published in anthologies and journals and 21 short stories. She has received the Best Book Award, 2017 from Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi for her English novel One Word (2016) and has been honoured with the Commendation Award on Republic Day, 2019 by the Chandigarh Administration for her work in the field of Art & Culture. She has received the Poiesis Award for Excellence in Literature from Poiesis International in a Short Story Contest, Bengaluru, 2018. She has been honoured with Sahitya Shree from Kafla International at Udaipur, 2016. She was Guest of Honour at World Peace Thinkers and Writers Meet, Kolkata, 2015. She was honoured as Distinguished Poet by the President of the Zila Parishad at Poetic Prism, Vijayawada, 2017. She was a Distinguished Poet in Haridwar Literature Festival, 2018. She is currently an Associate Professor of English in Postgraduate Govt. College, Sector-11, Chandigarh.