TO SAVE THE WORLD By Elemide Benjamin

Jul 10 2018 4.00


find a fortress somewhere in your thoughts
where you will hide this tender truth:
you must learn to save yourself
to save the world with your dreams

because the saviour is not always safe
because the world is unsafe for the saved.
Sometimes, to save the prodigal world 
your light would be kissed with darkness,

your salt would be tasted with sourness;
men who sang your praise would sing your shame.
To write your name in the heart of unborn stars,
you must bear the crooked cross of truth

whose ends touch the past and future -
the base inside a heart full of hope
and the top touching a sky of realised dreams.
When you are crucified for being different,

forgive their ignorance and folly:
crucifixion bears you nearer to the moon of hope,
and soon, you'd ascend to the heaven your reality
because to save the world is to save yourself.


About the Author

Elemide Benjamin is a creative and inspirational writer. He is a spoken word poet, events moderator/anchor. When he's not writing, he's speaking. He graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, in Nigeria.