Wisdom Capsules from the Diary of the Visionary of Truth By Debashis Barah: Reviewed By Mahesh Krishnan M

Apr 22 2018 4.00

A Valuable Addition to Your Book Shelf


Wisdom Capsules from the Diary of the Visionary of Truth By Debashis Barah: Reviewed By Mahesh Krishnan M


                                   Some books stand out in their own category, by the way in which they connect with the readers. Very recently I was fortunate to grab one such book that goes by the name “Wisdom Capsules from the Diary of the Visionary of Truth.” A very attractive title, I opened random chapters and were attracted by how short each chapter was. But I was in for a surprise that changed the way I approached everything. A very different book, this one does not just belong to the self-help category. This book is one that can be read in one sitting and has the ability to alter your outlook of life. As the title suggests, there are capsules one can take in short durations to relieve oneself of different troubles at various points in one’s life. In each and every chapter, we find small pieces of wisdom that points to the wisdom of the author himself. Here is a book coming from an individual, who has condensed his years of wisdom for the purpose of passing them onto future generations.

                                    This passage from the book “It does not bother the Visionary of Truth when others call him selfish because he only knows the truth that he is not there for himself but for the cause” is not one you would find in a book that finds itself under the self-help category in a bookstore. Or take for instance the following chapter title “Sometimes the Visionary of Truth cannot differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.” My intuition had proven right – This book is not another positivity-inducing, destiny manifestation, thought-altering, overpromising-underperforming, run-of-the-mill motivational/inspirational chunks scraped together to a book that lies in our bookshelf gathering dust and simply consuming space. This book is revolutionary. The author has chosen to reveal the truth about life in all beauty and vulgarity, to capture the essence of life into short and easy-to-understand chapters for the simpletons like you and me.

                                     In yet another chapter titled “The Visionary of Truth is a slave of his dreams but always enjoys freedom in his actions” the author goes onto state “But when he realizes that his dream is actually coming true, he sometimes feels bad and becomes very sad as well. Momentarily he feels as if he is no longer a part of the whole and would be deprived of serving others. He has seen the sufferings in the world and knows how lonely and frustrated people feel at times. That is why, even after getting the success he wanted, sometimes he is not at peace. He experiences an inner fight going on inside his heart. He is in a conflicting state of mind.” The expectation would be that one would be happy and calm as one nears the fulfilment of his dream. We all feel that the manifestation of years and years of dream, and that moment of achievement would be met with extreme ecstasy and a sense of victory. But the author says that the moment might actually bring something else, a certain amount of conflict. The passage brings to mind the famous psychological concept of “Fear of success.” That paradoxical moment in life, when success becomes its own burden. That irony in life, might seem unprecedented and absurd to the young and unexperienced, but for the seasoned people, such a reality does exist. As one grabs this capsule, it becomes all the more clear that this book does not abstain from stating the various negativities that does exist. There is no denying that many obstacles, personal and otherwise, internal and external, will come to haunt a person who sets out to achieve something. The book just gives you a head start on what to expect and never be caught off-guard.

                                     Another passage that caught my attention was “Once he sets out on his journey, the Visionary of Truth believes that he is on a journey of no return and so remains faithful and fearless. His eyes get fixed. His mind gets bound. And his steps constantly move towards his destination” from the chapter “The Visionary of Truth is never worried about coming back while he is taking the road uphill.” There is a need for a dreamer to just go on his dream journey without ever, at any point thinking of even making a comeback. He must have a very strong focus on what he wants to do with his life. Without such a thought, he is never going to achieve anything in his life. The book gives any person, of any age or identity to set out for his dream.

                                    In the chapter “The Visionary of Truth knows that there are some problems in life whose only solution is to be able to live with them”, a certain passage reads as follows: “At times the Visionary of Truth is thrown into circumstances that he cannot get out of but is destined to live in. It is not life’s trap but a necessary condition. Going back is impossible and getting out of it is not a possibility either. So the Visionary of Truth accepts it and lives as if it is an indispensable part of his life. His life gets assimilated with the problem and the problem vanishes automatically.”  Throughout the book, one finds passages like the above that connects to one’s outlook and gives a different perspective of life.

                                  As I traversed the book and the various chapters, it became clear to me that this book caters not to the ones looking for the easy way to success. Rather the author has brought in a more valuable something, and that something can be very easily called wisdom, and even easily be misunderstood. There is a depth to this book, unfathomable yet unique. I must however warn you on the outset that this book is surely not for people who are trying to pass time or putting in a more fashionable manner “to kill time.” This book will make you think and revisit the many choices you have made in life. It might even trouble you about your choices, your habits, your way of doing things and sometimes even your existence. You might end up making surprising decisions. But in the end, it will take you to a higher level of thinking and alter you completely.

                                   One of the biggest positives of the book has been the ease with which one can move through the book. There is no need to move through and finish the book in a chronological manner. You can move through the book and choose the route that seems desirable to you. The author has taken special effort in making the book reader-friendly in this manner. Keeping it on your bookshelf, you can grab the book for short reads, take a small wisdom capsule at moments of trouble or discomfort to take you one step further to enlightenment.

                                  Reading the book written by Debashis Barah was an experience that transformed my view of the world, my experiences and the path to success, among others. I am sure that I will re-read and go back to this book time and again, to guide me and calm me in the face of the many unexpected future events in my life.


About the Riviewer: Mahesh Krishnan M was born on 15 January 1991. After completing a graduation in commerce, he shifted over to journalism and completed a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amrita Vishwavidyapeetham, Kochi. Since then, he has been working as a content writer and copy editor at various firms. He is also a passionate screenwriter and has been engaged in the making of a few short films.



Dreams Do Come True!

(The story behind writing the book Wisdom Capsules from the Diary of the Visionary of Truth)

Debashis Barah

Dreams do come true if you can keep them alive for long. Your dream is just like a child or a sapling that needs time to grow. If you have planted one mango sapling, before you can harvest any fruit you will have to wait patiently for four to five years and also take care of the sapling and help it grow continuously. It’s not an overnight process but a gradual growth mechanism. If you are taking proper care of the sapling and helping it grow over time then within four to five years you will surely be able to reap the fruits.

Now if you can visualize the entire process of getting mangoes from the tree you will understand that it all started with planting the mango seed in a fertile land and keeping it protected. And then work continuously to help it grow until it reaches a stage of self-survival. After that not only will the tree survive on its own, it will also provide all its fruits to others.

Same is the case with your dreams. They also need time to mature. If you have patience you will definitely reap the harvest one day. But along with protecting your dream you also have to put in the required effort to help it grow just like you have done with the mango tree.

Let me share with you my own story – the story behind writing the book Wisdom Capsules from the Diary of the Visionary of Truth. It was actually a long journey for me to write and complete this book – a journey of around 10 years long. As this book is about my own realizations of different aspects of life, all the pieces of this book could not be written at a stretch but I kept putting down one thing after another just like creating a garland with flowers. Sometimes I had to wait for a month before writing the next topic. As I decided that the book would be in the form of capsules of wisdom so I really had to work hard at times to make the content as concise as possible without losing the intended meaning. Even though it took me around 10 years to write this book, in fact it was much longer than that. I believe that change is a continuous process and so is learning. I think the seed of personal development was planted long back inside me when I was still a student in school. And that seed was growing slowly inside me but I never noticed it at that time. I really don’t know where it came from but what I remember is that I used to have a lot of questions about many things and I always tried to find the answers within myself. Maybe, that was the beginning.

Growth always has two sides – one outside which is visible to everyone and the other inside which is invisible to everyone else. And in the very early stage of development the growth is even invisible to the person himself or herself; one sometimes doesn’t have a clue that something is growing inside. I think this is similar to a pregnant woman who is pregnant for just a few days. In the very initial days of pregnancy, the woman doesn’t really have a clue that something is growing inside but something really is.

Let me go back to my story. With time, I started discovering the passion for knowing myself better. I was always inclined towards reading books that contained personal development stuff. I used to read life stories of great people and tried to imbibe their thought processes. I was quite fascinated to learn how some people were outstandingly successful and others were not. I always tried to understand the difference but could not understand everything. I got the answer much later in my life when I realized that change is actually a process and unless one goes through this process one cannot really understand what makes the great people great. I have understood that if I need to understand the thought process of a person, then I have to first live that person’s life. There is no other way to understand someone else. In other words, one has to reach the other person’s level of consciousness in order to know that person well. And it can happen only when we work on our own consciousness and try to elevate it to the next level.

My passion for self-development started becoming deeper and deeper and I started working more on myself, to understand myself better. In my childhood, I was an introvert. I used to talk very less and had only a few friends. Communicating with someone else was a real problem for me. It was not that I could not speak, but I was a little shy by nature. Later on, I realized that communication with someone else is not possible unless there is understanding. And for understanding the other person even at a superficial level, one has to understand oneself first. I realized that if I don’t know myself better, I won’t be able to know the other person better. This realization put me into a completely different track in my life and I started understanding a lot of different things about life that I never could see before.

This simple realization took me to a different level in life altogether and I started attracting those things in life that contained similar values, e.g. I started reading those types of books that dealt more with personal development, I started liking those movies that delivered a strong message on social or individual greatness, I started liking talking to people who lived with a high ideal and whose thoughts were radically different from the common thinking of the majority of people. In no way I mean that I disliked the people with common thought process but what I mean to say is that there was a shift in my thinking pattern or I can say that there was a shift in my perception. I started looking at the world with a different pair of eyes and I found that the world changed for me. Suddenly I was living in a completely different world. It was the same world, but my perception was different and so everything looked new to me.

I had a habit of writing the thoughts that came to my mind since I was a student in school. But when I developed the passion for personal development, I began to write with more intent. I began developing a dream of writing a book one day. I thought I would write a best-selling book one day. So I kept writing in my notebook. Now when I look back into those writings I find that most of them were quite substandard and would need a lot of rework to bring them to a form worth publishing.

I always had a strong feeling from inside that one day I would share my knowledge with the whole world. I decided that whatever I know I would share with all the people who come in contact with me and would never keep it within myself. Then I had the idea of writing a book in the name of Wisdom Capsules in which all my thoughts will be in capsule format so that people can easily take them in. The format of the book was clear in my mind and I started writing the content. As this book was based on my own realizations of different aspects of life it took me a lot of time to put down all my thoughts together as sometimes I had to wait for months before writing the next topic. So I continued working with patience.

The main content of the book was ready before around two to three years from the date of publication of the book but I was not able to take the final step of getting the book published. I always thought I would publish the book one day. But the fact is that unless you take a decision and start the process, that “one day” will never come. That is what exactly happened with me. What I needed was a deadline and I did not realize it. The moment I realized it I took a strong decision to get the book published and set a deadline of 1 January 2018 as the book release date, and started working on the manuscript to finalize it. After that a new process got started. That was altogether a completely different process and I did not have any idea about it earlier. I had to learn a lot of new things as part of this publishing process.

I approached a couple of publishers but they rejected the manuscript and some publishers told me that they would need more time to evaluate it. But I was very particular about my deadline. At any cost I wanted to meet the deadline. I did not want to delay it any further. It has already been delayed a lot. With the deadline in my mind, I thought of going for self-publishing the book and started looking for self-publishing companies. Finally, I selected one suitable self-publishing company for my book (Educreation Publishing from Delhi) after screening a number of them. Then after two to three rounds of editing, the manuscript was finalized and sent to the publisher. It was typeset and finalized and given out for pre-ordering on 31 December 2017 one day prior to my target date. Even though the book was finally released worldwide on all major online channels on 20 January 2018, getting the pre-ordering of the book started by 1 January 2018 was an achievement for me. It was a real achievement for me!

Can you see the power of a dream? I didn’t let my dream die. I kept it alive for long. Even though there was no action for around three years in between, it has now become a reality. There is tremendous power in a dream. A dream with a proper deadline associated with action in the right direction will definitely turn to reality. The question is that do you have a dream? If you do, don’t let it die. If you don’t, have one!


About the author:  After completing his postgraduate studies from IIT Kanpur, Debashis Barah started working in various multinational companies. Currently, he is the editorial manager in a multinational company that provides pre-press publishing services to several renowned global publishers. He is also an entrepreneur by choice. His passion for self-development has led him to pen down his insights so that he can share it with others. He believes that sharing is the best way of caring. To him nothing is more satisfying than helping someone else live a better life, in the process creating a better world to live for future generations. He belongs to the picturesque state of Assam in the North-Eastern India.

Author photo (Debashis Barah)